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The journal welcomes articles from a wide range of  research paper on the topic  theoretical and applied subjects.  All studies are published in English every two months. Theoretical and Applied Science journals could be a discipline of science that applies existing knowledge domain to develop additional sensible applications, like technology or inventions. Branch of knowledge may apply formal science, like statistics and applied mathematics, as in medical specialty. Theoretical and Applied Science is considered as a major points of the research for scholars and researchers of all fields.  The journal is for all the active members of society are eminent academicians, researchers, planners, extension workers, Innovative scholars and students.

Vol 3 No 5 (2022): May, 2022 (Special Issue)

Proceeding of The First International Scientific Conference of Al_Bayan University (ISCBU_2021)
Issue Editors:
Dr. Ahmed J. Obaid, Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Kufa, Iraq. 
Dr. S. Suman Rajest, Vels Institute of Science, Technology & Advanced Studies, India.
Prof. Karthikeyan Chinnusamy, Senior Principle Veritas, United States.
Prof. R Regin, SRMIST, India.

Published: May 7, 2022

Automation for Video Action Recognition on Image Processing

1-26 R. Regin, T. Aswine, P. Priyanka, R. Shalini, Haider Talib Mohammed Ali, Zeyad Kadhim Jabber

Impact of E-Learning Student Portal for the Department

27-44 S Sona Rasmi, Sridivya B V, Regin Rajan, Nawar Daham Matar, Awatif Ibrahim mohammed Alhaddad

Brain Tumor Detection Using Image Processing Technique from MRI Images Based on OTSU Algorithm

45-66 V. Divya Dharshini, A. Divya, G. Manjula, R. Regin, Shallal Murad Hussein, Wafaa Mohammed Attaf Mustafa Al- Attar

Ethiopia's Unconventional Covid-19 Response and Corona Virus Status

67-88 Dr. Mekonnen Bersisa, Dr. Kother Mohideen, Dr. Deepak Sankaran

Grouping and Detection of Fake News via web-based media Using Machine Learning in Amharic Language

89-110 Kedir Lemma Arega, Dr S. KotherMohideen
Read Statistic: 40

Career Progression as a Mediating Variables in a Context of the Development of Critical Thinking, Opportunities, and Workplace on Performance Management Using Machine Learning Approach

111-129 D.K. Sharma
Read Statistic: 22

Privacy-Protected Photo Sharing in Social Media Platform

130-151 B. Sneha, R. Regin, S. Sreeja, D. Vincy Jasline, Mudher Mohammed Baqer Khudur, Huda Ghassan Hameed Abdulmajeed
Read Statistic: 14

Triple Encryption Method for Data Security in Cloud Environment

152-175 R. Regin, G. Arunkumar, K.R. Jayasurya, A. Naveenkumar, B.K. Jayasooryanarayan
Read Statistic: 8

Perceptron in Supervised, Semi-Supervised, Unsupervised Learning and Artificial Neural Network

176-199 Steffi. R, D.K. Sharma, S. Suman Rajest, R. Regin, Ahmed J. Obaid, G. Jerusha Angelene Christabel
Read Statistic: 27

Tesseract Aid for Blind People Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Algorithm

200-220 Arishiya Thabasum, M. Lilly Florence, Ashwini A, Kamesh P, Mahmood Hameed Majeed
Read Statistic: 20

Students’ Learning Experiences in The New Normal Education

221-233 Norjannah M. Kudto, Husna T. Lumapenet, Tarhata S. Guiamalon
Read Statistic: 18

Autonomy Underwater Drone-Detailed Literature Study

234-258 Sakthivel S, Tharunaa Shoban Babu, Vivekanandhan V
Read Statistic: 5

Hydrothermal Synthesis of Heteroatoms Incorporated Activated Carbon from Biomass for High-Performance Supercapacitors

259-283 P. Ezhilkumar, S. Yuvaraj, M. Nila, Aarthi, M. Dharshini
Read Statistic: 5

Experimental Investigation On Isolation And Purification Of Reactive Dyes And Water Pollutant Chemicals By Flocculation Method Using Fungal Consortium

284-304 A. Anas Shahad, S. Yuvaraj, D. Ashwin, K. Suresh, S. Ramesh
Read Statistic: 5

AD-HOC Better Costing Dynamic Routing Protocol for Enhancement of Network Lifetime

305-329 Kavitha N, Vinitha G, Preethi R, Lilly Florence, Fouad Abdualameer Salman
Read Statistic: 5

Machine Learning-Based Student Emotion Recognition Using CNN Algorithm

330-351 Bindhu M, Archana S, Divya S, A Shobana
Read Statistic: 10

Forecasting Stock Price Using Multiple Regression in Machine Learning

352-373 S Prabhu, P. Sobana, S Karuppusamy
Read Statistic: 7
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