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The journal welcomes articles from a wide range of  research paper on the topic  theoretical and applied subjects.  All studies are published in English every two months. Central Asian Journal of Theoretical and Applied Sciences journals could be a discipline of science that applies existing knowledge domain to develop additional sensible applications, like technology or inventions. Branch of knowledge may apply formal science, like statistics and applied mathematics, as in medical specialty. Central Asian Journal of Theoretical and Applied Sciences is considered as a major points of the research for scholars and researchers of all fields.  The journal is for all the active members of society are eminent academicians, researchers, planners, extension workers, Innovative scholars and students.

Vol 4 No 9 (2023): CAJOTAS

Published: Sep 3, 2023

Design and Development of a Folding Type Braille Keyboard

1-9 Shohruh Begmatov, Mukhriddin Arabboev, Sardor Vakhkhobov, Mokhirjon Rikhsivoev, Khushnud Gaziev, Khabibullo Nosirov

Pathogenicity Characteristics of Alternaria Alternata and Fusarium Solani which Cause Diseases in Pistachio

10-13 Nazarova Odina Jumadullayevna, Khujaev Otabek Temirovich

Work-Life interface

14-19 Shahzoda Umarova Iqboljon qizi

Twitter Topic Modelling Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation Approach

20-27 Uce Indahyanti, Yulian Findawati, Achmad Ariansyah, Endah Asmawati

Усовершенствовано Технология Термической Обработки Для Повышения Износостойкости Штампов Холодной Штамповки

28-33 Дороб Муртович Бердиев, Равшан Кобилович Тошматов, Зулхумор Латиповна Алимбабаева, Гайрат Шавкатович Кузиев

Obtaining New Components And Testing Physical-Mechanical Properties of Rubber-Metal Based Damper Device Systems

34-40 Jalilov R.K., Yakhiyayev J.Kh.

Pedagogical Foundations for Cultivating Students' Creativity

41-44 Yuldasheva Saodat Manofovna

Обучения Русского Языка Для Студентов Технических Вузах

45-47 Хакимова Гульнора Камиловна

Social Semantics in German, Russian and Uzbek

48-51 Ikramova Shakhlo Abudrasulovna

Studies on Bacterial and Fungal Population in Different Soil Samples of Garden Area Shastripuram, Agra

52-58 Dr. Shyam Govind Singh

Loading and Unloading by Pneumatic Arm Bot Using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

59-85 Abubakar Siddiq M, Hifzur Rahman A, Mohamed Faizudeen S, J. Rahila, P. Anand, Shagar Banu

Анализ Работы Виноградооткрывочного Приспособления

86-90 А. Т. Мусурмонов, У. Очилдиев, А. Раджабов
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