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Protection of citizen's image is of urgent importance in today's era of advanced information communication. Because the types of means of obtaining and distributing the image of a citizen are very wide, and the image can be used for various malicious and illegal purposes. This leads to the violation of the right to the image, which is considered one of the objects of personal property rights of the citizen. In this article, one of the amendments to the draft of the new Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a historical-theoretical reflection of the innovation related to the citizen's right to the image.


Civil rights intangible objects privacy right to image

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ugli, K. B. U. (2023). Historical and Theoretical Analysis of the News Regarding "The Right to Image" In the Project of the New Edition of the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Central Asian Journal of Theoretical and Applied Science, 4(1), 120-124.


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