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The results of studies on the preparation of zinc hydroxide carbonate by precipitation from a zinc nitrate solution with an 18% sodium carbonate solution are presented. The influence of technological factors on the degree of precipitation of zinc hydroxide carbonate was investigated and the optimal parameters of the process were established. The zinc nitrate solution contains 13,14% ZnO. The maximum degree of precipitation of zinc hydroxide carbonate is observed at pH medium (7,9-8,2), temperature 65-70°C. At the same time, an increase in the duration of the process from 40 to 45 minutes increases the degree of precipitation of zinc hydroxide carbonate from 98,78% to 99,97%.


zinc nitric acid sodium carbonate zinc hydroxide carbonate temperature pH precipitation

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Kh., T. S. (2023). Investigation of the Process of Obtaining Zinc Hydroxide Carbonate by Precipitation From a Solution of Zinc Nitric Acid with a Solution of Sodium Carbonate. Central Asian Journal of Theoretical and Applied Science, 4(5), 103-106.


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