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The article summarises the brief description of research work prepared for the explanation of the content of PhD dissertation work and FAP 01799 Useful Model. Research work discusses the results of Feasibility study and the components of software & hardware systems of "Developing employee skills for the modern economy by assessing employee knowledge at the turnstiles" project of the model of the transition to the knowledge economy. The article comprises the description of the economic feasibility of the model, technological working principles and components of model system mechanisms. G-code command syntax, N commands, G commands, X commands, Y commands, Z commands, F commands, S commands, T commands, M commands are described. I and J coordinate descriptions used in the commands are given.


Software model of transition G-code command syntax N commands G commands

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Tursunpulot, A., Umidjon, M., Bahodir, G., & Mamajanov, A. (2023). Feasibility Study and Technological Systems of Project of the Model of the Transition to the Knowledge Economy. Central Asian Journal of Theoretical and Applied Science, 4(5), 107-112.


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