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This article describes the development of samples of rubber-metal damper pads with a special new composition. Based on the conducted research, a rubber-metal based damper model with a new composition was developed to increase the seismic resistance of buildings and structures. During the tests, it was possible to develop a new composition with a damping "cushion" of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rubber material specifically for the proposed damper equipment. When obtaining rubber from these compositions, rubber is mainly prepared using special vulcanizing equipment in the production or laboratory. It was solved by obtaining a layer of fire-resistant composite containing it. The material can be obtained with a fire-resistant layer, in addition, it has been determined that it is equal to 4% by weight of vulcanizer.


Rubber, damper, metal, global, active, seismic systems, waltz, extruder.

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Jalilov R.K., & Yakhiyayev J.Kh. (2023). Obtaining New Components And Testing Physical-Mechanical Properties of Rubber-Metal Based Damper Device Systems. Central Asian Journal of Theoretical and Applied Science, 4(9), 34-40. Retrieved from


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