Social Semantics in German, Russian and Uzbek

  • Ikramova Shakhlo Abudrasulovna Researcher of the Faculty of Foreign Philology at the National University of Uzbekistan named after M. Ulugbek
Keywords: linguistic research, German, Uzbek and Russian languages, social semantic, transformation, translation studies, equivalent


Modern linguistic research is unthinkable without a comparison of the objects under study. The main task of linguistic comparison is to identify the social semantics and different features of the studied facts in (German, Russian and Uzbek) languages. The facts of the coincidence of semantic units of different languages, including unrelated ones, is based on the commonality of the logical and figurative-associative processes of thinking of different peoples of the world.

The study of trends in the development of the modern German language concerns all language levels, but the vocabulary has always been the fastest responding to extralinguistic factors. Along with narrowly focused studies of the latest processes in the meaning of German words when translated into Russian and Uzbek, there are fundamental works of scientists that have become the basis for many interesting areas in the study of the social semantics of the German language in general and Uzbek and Russian languages in particular.


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