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The aim of this study is to assessment of parameters of water in different blocks of district Agra. The samples of water were collected from the different blocks in district Agra, Uttar Pradesh ( Blocks are- Barauli Ahir, Shamsabad, Fatehabad, Etmadpur and Kheragarh). Groundwater samples of various locations were analyzed for determination of degree of pollution with respect to the following physicochemical parameters (pH, TDS, total hardness, total alkalinity, turbidity, etc.). During the months of May to July, 2022. The samples were collected from the ground water of the different blocks in pre-cleaned polyethylene bottles.


Physico-chemical groundwater urbanization

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Shakti Singh Bhadauria, & Ajay Kumar Rajawat. (2024). Comparative Studies on the Assessment of Parameters of Water in Different Blocks of District Agra. Central Asian Journal of Theoretical and Applied Science, 5(1), 34-37. Retrieved from


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