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Problems with breathing or acute lung pain caused by cement specks in the air are common, and the cement producing industry typically has a hard time keeping them under control. Emissions control strategies can focus on preventing dust from being released into the air or on removing dust that has already gotten airborne. Space optimization, duct run length, dust collection procedure, and filter and control equipment selection are some of the primary factors that shape the design and fabrication of dust control systems.


System for Filtering Particulate Matter Affected Cement Factor Filtration Procedure Systems By Fabricating A Prototype

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Steffi. R, Shynu T, S. Suman Rajest, & R. Regin. (2024). A Review of the System for Filtering Particulate Matter Affected by Cement Factor. Central Asian Journal of Theoretical and Applied Science, 5(1), 78-93. Retrieved from


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