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The seismic maps used in the Iraqi seismic codes have a significant impact on buildings and the way they are analyzed and designed, as they affect the seismic parameters and be an important factor in determining the results and their accuracy due to the seismic analysis's dependence on them. Many seismic maps were issued before 1997, until our study was limited to the period from (1995 to 2020) AD, where the first Iraqi seismic code in this period is the Iraqi seismic code for the year 1997, and it was a map dividing Iraq into four seismic zones, followed by the Iraqi seismic code for the year 2017, which It was in a seismic map that depends on the modern division of the regions, which is considered a map with high coefficients, after which the 2019 edition of the same version was issued (the Iraqi seismic code 2017 edition 2019  )which had less coefficients than the previous one, the results showed that the least code affecting the buildings is 1997, followed by the 2019 code, where it was Code 2017 leads in the highest results in impact on buildings


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Mustafa Layth Jasim, Layla A. Yassin, & Ali Sadiq Resheq. (2022). Seismic Maps in the Iraqi Seismic Codes and their Impact on Buildings. Central Asian Journal of Theoretical and Applied Science, 3(4), 137-146.


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